How Tall is Mitsuki Ono?


Mitsuki Ono is a Japanese actress and singer best known for her starring roles in the television drama ‘Kurozuka’ and the film adaptation of ‘Hana Yori Dango.’ She stands out among her peers due to her unique looks and stature. But how tall is Mitsuki Ono? Let’s take a closer look at the height of this talented entertainer. Mitsuki Ono is an actress and model who has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. With her vibrant personality and unique looks, it’s no wonder fans are always wondering how tall she is! In this blog post, we’ll explore how tall Mitsuki Ono is and why her height may vary from one project to another.

Mitsuki Ono’s Height

Mitsuki Ono stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m). She is a petite woman with a slim and toned figure. However, due to her short stature, many people have assumed that she is even shorter than she actually is. Despite this misconception, Mitsuki has proven time and time again that she can be very versatile when it comes to her roles in film and television.

Height Variation

In certain projects, Mitsuki’s height may appear slightly different than what she actually measures at. This can be attributed to various factors such as camera angles, footwear or other props used during filming. For example, when playing the lead role in the movie “Kimi wa Petto” (2003), Mitsuki wore high heels which made her appear taller than usual onscreen. Similarly, when playing the role of Aya in the drama series “Ningen no Shoumei” (2012), Mitsuki was often seen wearing flats which made her look shorter onscreen than she actually is in real life.

At 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall, Mitsuki Ono is certainly not the tallest celebrity out there but she definitely makes up for it with her captivating personality and acting versatility! Whether she’s wearing heels or flats, you can rest assured that any project involving Mitsuki will make for great entertainment value as viewers get to see both sides of this talented actress – tall or short! With all this said, it’s safe to say that Mituski will continue to captivate audiences with her charisma and talent for many years to come!


1. How tall is Mitsuki Ono?

Mitsuki Ono is 168 cm tall.

2. How old is Mitsuki Ono?

Mitsuki Ono is a Japanese Pop singer and actress. She was born on October 12, 2002 in Tokyo, Japan.

3. What is Mitsuki Ono’s nationality?

Mitsuki Ono’s nationality is Japanese.

4. What is Mitsuki Ono’s ethnicity?

Mitsuki Ono’s ethnicity is Japanese.

5. What is Mitsuki Ono’s zodiac sign?

Mitsuki Ono’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

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